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Success Stories

At PT in the Park we love watching and helping with our exercisers success  - we're dedicating this page to stories of some of our PTITP stars!



As usual we are very happy to bring you all yet another one of our success stories. These stories not only celebrate their attendance and achievements, but it also gives us all a chance to get to know them a bit better. So this month we turn the spotlight onto Nicholl

We did the usual and asked Nicholl if she could answer some questions in her own words. Below are those questions and Nicholl’s answers for them.

Q1: How did you find out about PT in the Park?

  • I’m kinda new to Christchurch. When I was living in Auckland, I used to go to an outdoor bootcamp 3-4 times per week. When I signed up for a bootcamp in Chch, they didn’t have a Saturday session. So, I started looking for a group fitness group on Saturday and PT in the Park popped up on eventfinda. I went to a few sessions and really enjoyed it

Q2: When did you first start attending PT in the Park?

  • Probably about a year ago now. I really enjoy working out outdoors and the group of people that I get to see every Saturday.

Q3: What made you try out PT in the Park?

  • Apart from being new in town and wanting to meet new people, I have an auto-immune disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC – IBD). After struggling with that for a few years, I decided that I needed to put my health and well-being at the forefront of my life. I worked hard, started exercising, lost 20kgs and now I couldn’t feel happier with myself and my body – exercising is just part of my life now and it makes me feel great. It’s a plus that I get to do it at a beautiful location and with a great bunch of people.

Q4: In your opinion what’s the best thing for you about attending PT in the Park sessions?

  • Attending the sessions has really become part of my routine and I love the whole experience. I love the sessions themselves, and that the trainers really encourage you to do your best. Also, I love the games that the trainers organise and that everyone gets a chance to participate and have fun.

Q5: What advice would you give anyone thinking about trying out PT in the Park?

  • Come along and try it out. We’re a great bunch of people who gather to do a bit of exercise and have lots of fun. I know it can be challenging if someone is struggling with health issues, lack of motivation, or even after not exercising for a long time… but the benefit of exercising with PT in the park is that you can take your time and push yourself as much, (or little), as you want. You’ll see the difference in no time and have a great community that will support you through that journey

Thanks very much for telling your story Nicholl, it truly is an impressive and inspiring story! We absolutely love seeing you every Saturday morning and we are sure others feed off of the enthusiasm you show us all!

We love that we are now part of your fitness and wellness journey and have nothing but sincere admiration for your achievements to date and hope to be a part of any other health and wellness goals you achieve in the future.

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