Calling all superstar PT's and amazing group fitness instructors!

Young and old, new to the business or experienced.

  • Can you donate up to approximately 90 minutes once or twice a month on a Saturday morning?

  • Do you have your first aid cert?

  • Are you a super star happy to work alongside the best team to make sure of client safety and creating a fun and exciting environment?

Then please either email us:

or pop along to our Facebook page for more info.

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Hi everyone, my name is Charlie and I own a studio called “50Plus Fitness”, I cater for those over 50 years of age wanting to be physically active, improve their health and reduce medication it’s a case of move it or lose it. Also an approved provider of the “Living Stronger for Longer” program, Looking forward to meeting you at PT in the Park. Find out more visit: 



Hello! My name is Aida, and I live in Rolleston, Canterbury. I’m currently in the process of completing my Freestyle group exercise level 4 in September 2021. I run Zumba classes in wigram and I’m also licensed to teach Zumba for kids. I love being active,  it makes me feel great, confident, happy and healthy. I genuinely want to help others create lasting changes to their life. Here, I bumped into PT in the Park that has the same value. Now we work as a team. Come join us! You will have a good workout with other fun and likeminded individuals. Read more about Zumba Vogue:



Hi everyone! I am Dana. I run a gym for people who have disabilities called 'Ability Ark Fitness'. I am passionate about helping people experience excercise for the first time. I love getting outside for a workout or going tramping. I can't wait to meet you all at PT in the park to experience exercise together!

Find out more here:



IT Recruiter ( by day, side hustling as a Group Fitness Instructor for Les Mills, Chloe has been heavily into fitness since she discovered Group Fitness Classes at 17. Passionate about physical performance, she became  an instructor 4 years ago, and in a parallel entered the world of corporate boxing, winning 4 out of the 5 fights she entered! 

In other  words, when she says "get down on the ground and do burpees!"... you  better do what she says ......



Hi all I'm Al Cameron I have a background that includes military service, aviation & automotive administration, marketing, truck driving & personal training. Now in my midlife & being disabled I have faced & overcome many challenges in life. So when I discovered PT in the Park, through helping a friend to become more active, I was very impressed with their level of commitment to helping others by making qualified fitness instruction in a relaxed, fun & social environment accessible for all. Offered the opportunity to become involved with PT in the Park as a trainer I readily accepted & look forward to helping, advising & motivating you all to embrace health & fitness & achieve your goals.



Hello everyone. I am Nick Batchelor I am a qualified personal trainer  that loves helping others to find their enjoyment in excercise. I have a  history in playing representnative sports and am always keen to try new  activities. I have 2 preschool aged girls  at home that keep me on my toes and a loving wife that looks after our little family. I hope to see you all down at the park on saturday so we can have some fun getting fitter together.


Lead Trainer

To be asked to be part of the PT in the Park family was quite an honour and one  that came as a bit of a shock.  I have trained some of the Trustees of  PTITP and hence my surprise!... just kidding. I can still remember the  phone call and I was almost speechless that I was being asked as I’m  fully aware of the reputation PTITP has. I was only speechless as I know  full well of the obligation and responsibility that I was being  presented with.
PT in the Park has a history of success and results, through my passion of  helping people and giving back to the community this is one way for me  to achieve this. I love making people sweat and try to achieve what they  believe is the unachievable. I love to see the post gratification shine  through when they achieve milestones, that could’ve been otherwise  unattainable. But the big thing that gets me when this happens, is that  at the end of the day it was all them and I just gave them the tools to  accomplish this.
Being PT Manager is going to be both challenging and exciting as I will  be working with likeminded people like the Trust and the other PT’s.  Together we will be able to bring some of my programs to life. Creating  an atmosphere that surrounds you in fun, trust, the chance to build  friendships and you to get to sweat it all out at the same time.
When I am not in front of you providing instruction and direction or at  netball or supporting my son’s rugby team.  I’ll be sweating it out  beside you in the sessions.