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Keen to help? 

The secret of our success has been a dedicated team of individuals bring PT in the Park to life!

We believe in creating an environment that not only promotes physical well-being but also fosters community and connection.

To continue creating our dynamic and engaging experiences, we need your help.


We are currently looking for energetic volunteers who can give us a hand on:


  • Trailer transportation: Moving our beloved trailer with the equipment to the park and back to our storage location.

  • Social Media and comms: Got a skill for creating captivating posts and engaging content? do you love social networks and using Canva? Assist us in spreading the word and keeping the community informed about what we have in store.

  • Sponsorship co-ordination: help us connect with businesses and organisations interested in supporting our mission. You will receive our support to keep our program thriving.

  • Session photography/ videography: Capture the energy and spirit of our sessions. Your visual skills will help us to showcase our impact and inspire others to join us

  • Annual PTITP Quiz administrator: Bring your skills to organise our anticipated annual quiz. Your coordination and creativity will help us create a memorable event for everyone.


Are you keen to contribute to our cause and make a difference? Whether you have a few hours to spare or can commit more regularly, your help will be invaluable to us. Let’s come together to keep our community active, engaged, and healthy.

Let's chat! 

Got an idea how you could help us? Contact us below! 

Thanks for submitting!

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