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Get Merched with PT in the Park! 

PT in the Park - TF1620290325 - SIDE V5_
Screenshot from 2021-12-03 08-29-54.png

For only $25 you can wear and workout in your own PT in the Park socks! 

Sizes are M/L and XL

Stocks are running low - get yours today! 

But wait there's more - you asked, we listened!

Look mighty fine in a PT in the Park Tee this Summer!

Just $30!

Sizes are M/L and XL

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PT in the Park works out all year - so get warm 'n toasty with the ultimate Hoodie!

$45 just for you! 

Sizes are M/L and XL

How do I get my hands on this gear? 
eMail us at and we'll sort it out for you asap! 

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