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Since 2015, the PT in the Park Charitable Trust has administered PT in the Park. Our purpose is to support the running of the weekly free group training sessions in Hagley Park. 

  • We had over 1,000 attendees last year 

  • We run off donations from attendees. This goes towards replacing gear and trailer insurance.

  • In 2015, we won the NZ exercise industry award ‘Community Excellence Award’.

Trustee profile image

Dena Cowen-Willis

In 2014, I wrote a short email to PT in the Park listing off ALL the reasons I didn't think I could attend, from not being fit enough, too shy and overweight, to it being SO early at 9:00am on a Saturday. The PTITP team, unfazed replied - see you on Saturday.. and they did and then for most weekends for the last 8 years. In 2015, the PT in the Park Trust was formed to raise funding and awareness of this free to all weekly event. As a founding Trustee I have not only enjoyed bringing this experience to other Cantabrians of all ages, shapes and abilities but thrived on being involved in fundraising from promoting PT in the Park as a Z Good in the Hood participant to helping curate the mighty Annual PT in the Park Quiz. When people ask me about coming along for the first time, it's a pretty easy response ... 'see you on Saturday'

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James Currie

I’m described as a genuine, thoughtful and knowledgable guy with a quirky sense of humour. I’m very sociable and pretty easy to get along with. I’m supported by a great bunch of people in my personal life, friends are family to me.

I lead a very active and energetic lifestyle. Running is my thing (although I can’t say no to a burpee). I’ve achieved many half marathons a full marathon in 2019 and an Ultra marathon in 2021.

PT in the Park is an opportunity for me to give back to a community of people who have helped me get to where I am now. With my software engineering background I aim to bring PT in the Park into the 21st century with lots of new and shiny technology to aid the trainers and the trust to achieve our primary goal of providing weekly free team training. If something needs doing I’m committed to seeing it through and taking that extra steps to make it happen.

No matter your background or fitness level, we are all winners.

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Joanne Gallop

I have a hate/love/love relationship with exercise - I hate the thought of going, LOVE participating and LOVE it when it's over! It certainly helped me to have a bunch of likeminded people around me, encouraging and supporting each other.
That's where PT in the Park comes in. Free exercise in amazing surroundings, our beautiful Hagley Park, and a good mix of people with their own goals from wanting to move a bit more to running a marathon. It suited me perfectly as someone who just wanted to get a bit fitter and fit my clothes a bit better.
I jumped (not literally) at the chance to join as a trustee of PTITP. I love that I'm part of a volunteer organisation that gives back to the community and help others with their confidence, to meet new people and achieve their own goals.
I hope see you at PTITP, come along and please say hi!

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Tony Lord

Having joined a small gym a couple of years ago, needing to find some alternatives to my rather pathetic exercise regime, I met a group of somewhat eclectic & crazy people.
Somehow I seemed to fit in and flowing from that I was ‘gently’ coaxed into joining the PT in the Park crew. Very much in the background for now while my fellow crazies do the grunt work. Literally & figuratively.
As a Type 1 diabetic, exercise is critical for my health and general wellbeing. Adding gym work to my rambling across the flat-lands and hills of Christchurch has been a plus. Through football (soccer) as a player then later as a referee (PNG & NZ) exercise has played a big part in my life. I have a background in the financial sector (primarily international trade) but more recently in the charitable sector (SPCA NZ National Legacies Coordinator) which was very rewarding and at times incredibly humbling. At present I am exploring some tertiary study options and other opportunities that have opened up through this avenue.
Helping with PT in the Park is a community based venture that resonates with me.

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