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Success Stories

At PT in the Park we love watching and helping with our exercisers success  - we're dedicating this page to stories of some of our PTITP stars!



This month’s Success Story is one of our newer regulars, some may know of or remember as one half of the ‘snow-woman’ from last year's Christmas session.

Q1: How did you find out about PT in the Park?

I read an article about the group created just after the earthquakes, it sat in the back of my mind. Then recently PT in the Park popped up in my Facebook so I decided to look into more & then attended a session.

Q2: How long have you been attending sessions at PT in the Park?

I have now been attending sessions in the park since October 2021

Q3: What motivated you to start coming along to PT in the Park?

I had talked for a long time about coming along and have finally run out of other places to be on a Saturday morning. I'm not normally a group activity person, so I didn't think I would last this long to be quite honest, but I’m still coming along.

Q4: What keeps you coming back to PT in the Park?

THE PEOPLE for sure and the opportunity to switch off from the pressure of the week and refocus to start off the weekend.

Q5: What is your favourite thing about being part of the PT in the Park family?

Everyone has been so warm, welcoming and accepting of everyone. The trainers are motivating and generous with their time and skills. ANYONE can do this!!!

Thanks Dianne for becoming a regular at PT in the Park sessions, we love seeing you at every session you attend. Now knowing that you are not a big fan of group fitness we feel truly humbled that you have chosen PT in the Park to be part of your health & fitness lifestyle. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the motivation to want to keep attending our sessions.

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