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Success Stories

At PT in the Park we love watching and helping with our exercisers success  - we're dedicating this page to stories of some of our PTITP stars!



First up for 2023 we're thrilled to bring you all yet another one of our success stories. These stories not only celebrate their attendance and achievements, but it also gives us all a chance to get to know them a bit better.So this month we turn the spotlight onto Anne Curry, one of our recent 5 Week Challenge winners!We did the usual and asked Anne if she could answer some questions in her own words: 

Q1: How did you find out about PT in the Park?

I’d seen the flags quite often on my way past the park and then I saw a post about PT in the Park on Facebook. It was on a local neighborhood page that I follow. 

Q2: When did you first attend a session at PT in the Park?

I started going to PT in the park sessions last summer. I’m a fair weather outdoor exerciser I’m afraid. So I didn’t attend many sessions once the weather turned colder in the winter, but I probably really need to harden up and just get out there like all the other brave PT in the Parkers. I hope to be more present this winter

Q3: What made you try out PT in the Park?

I’ve always done some form of exercise & was an avid ‘Jazzercise’ follower when it started to become popular when Les Mills first opened in Christchurch, (I’m really showing my age by saying that eh?!) Looking back now, it was such a high impact exercise and I’m very lucky that my joints still allow an old girl like me to continue to exercise and keep fit. I also played netball & indoor netball until fairly recently, I’ve been a gym goer for many years. Most recently I’d been doing a lot of running with a running club and I did a couple of half marathons but my stomach decided it didn’t like the sustained stress on my body so I’ve had to give long distance running a miss. When Covid hit I was using the rowing machine, weights and a static bike in my garage at home, but I really missed exercising with a group. It just wasn’t the same exercising on my own. I found recently at the gym that everyone had their earphones in and nobody talked to you any more, so I wasn’t particularly keen to go back. Seeing the post for PT in the Park came just at the right time for me and I’m so glad I joined in. I’ve really enjoyed the fun sessions and camaraderie on Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. 

Q4: In your opinion what's the best thing for you about attending PT in the Park sessions?  

For me the best thing about attending PT in the Park sessions is exercising with a group of fun people and I really like that every session is different. Keeping fit and having fun makes for a much healthier lifestyle. 

Q5: What advice would you give anyone thinking about trying out PT in the Park?

For anyone thinking about trying PT in the Park I’d say “GO FOR IT!”.  It’s such a lot of fun and exercising outside is way better than being stuck inside a gym any day. 

Thanks very much for telling your story Anne. We are truly inspired by your dedication and love seeing you at the sessions. We are humbled that you have tried other types of exercising that just haven't been the right fit for you, yet you have now found that the PT in the Park family is the one that does ‘fit’. We love that we are now part of your fitness and wellness journey and have nothing but sincere admiration for your achievements to date and congratulate you again on winning the recent 5 Week Challenge! We hope to be a part of any other health and wellness goals you achieve in the future.  

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