Our Success Stories

At PT in the Park we love watching and helping with our exercisers success  - we're dedicating this page to stories of some of our PTITP stars!


Now for something a bit different but highly exciting in our opinion. We would like to talk about what we consider to be a bit of a success story for both the individual concerned and PT in the Park.


One of our trainees Michelle Lambert came to us through a suggestion from Green Prescription of Sport Canterbury, that PT in the Park might be something she could try for free, (or a small donation), among other things she could do to become a more active & fitter person. That was nearly 8 months ago now and ever since her first session Michelle has only missed about 3 sessions, due to illness or other commitments.


The fact that Michelle keeps coming and has been enjoying her sessions,  making new friends, and trying other activities through the trainer's of PT in the Park is a great accomplishment for her and also a great success story for us at PT in the Park. We feel great that we have motivated Michelle to keep coming and helped her to embrace a better healthier, fitter lifestyle and helped her to achieve a 5kg weight loss so far..... 


The story doesn't stop there however, not only has Michelle enjoyed coming and stayed loyal, she also motivated a friend to come along and suss us out. As her friend was a qualified, but not practicing PT, her encouragement to bring him along for a look has motivated him to become a trainer with PT in the Park family, and also take on some admin & social media responsibilities for us as well. 


So a BIG congrats goes out to Michelle for her commitment and dedication to achieving her goals, and also a big thank you for introducing Al Cameron to us.



Continuing in the theme we started in last months edition, we are highlighting what we consider to be another success story for both PTITP and the individual concerned.  


This months story is about one of our most dedicated trainees Steve Jelley. Steve first started attending PT in the Park way back in 2014. He then discovered the Park Run in 2015.  


Since then Steve has regularly been attending both the Park Run and PT in the Park on a Saturday morning.


We feel great that we have continued to deliver an experience that challenges Steve, whilst also being safe and has enough of a fun element that he wants to keep attending. 


When asked why he continues to attend PT in the Park, Steve replied "It's a great way to start the weekend with motivated, encouraging and like minded people"  Then added "I must confess my favourite activity is the warm down." I'm not sure if that's quite true though, as from what we've witnessed Steve always puts everything into every session he attends. Maybe he favours the warm down as he realises how much benefit he will get from the work he has put in to get to the warm down...... 


Oh yes, and Steve also wanted us to mention how fantastic he thinks it is that the Trustees and the Training team were able to restart and continue PT in the Park in 2020. Thanks Steve, we love doing this for all our exercisers!