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Success Stories

At PT in the Park we love watching and helping with our exercisers success  - we're dedicating this page to stories of some of our PTITP stars!



Helen is one of our long term regulars. We could wax lyrical and put a spin on Helen's awesome story. However, after reading through the answers to the questions we asked her we think she says it best herself! So here is Helen's story..

Q1: How did you find PT in The Park.....?

You know it was so long ago I am really not sure.....I had had dealings with one of the original Trainers Michael when he was running cooking classes. and somehow it progressed from there.

All this was post EQs...

Q2: How long have you been attending...?

Again not sure, quite a number of years.

When I first started I was a runner, so I would do Park Run then come to PT.

Now I think about it, I was attending PT in the Park when I did my last full Marathon (the year I turned 60)!

There have been a few gaps, especially when I was in, what I call my "grey fog"..... (depression).

Some mornings I could get up and come, other days I couldn't.....

Q3: What keeps you coming back...?

I know exercise is important for my mental health! If I exercise, then I am more likely to eat well and that helps me sleep well.

Then there are the people, I've met a number of great people through PT in the Park and who are now friends.

Then there are the newer friends, (Karyn, Tash and others, my memory for names ain't good, Those who I joined to do the Urban Adventure Race earlier this year, and go have a coffee with after PT, (and who text me if I don't show up for a couple of weeks!). These are also the things that keep me coming back.

Oh and of course the Trainers too.... just to see what mean, nasty exercises they have come up with and how many burpees they are going to make us do.

Q4: What do you think you have achieved by coming to PT in the Park....?

Just trying to keep my base fitness up, help my mental health, widen my social circle, (especially now I am no longer running).

I hope that fact that I am a grey haired old tart helps to encourage people to realise that they can do it too!

I don't work at the suggested rate or number of reps etc. I work at my own pace and with my chosen weights.

I will confess that I am probably not working at my true capacity, but I have realised that doing something is better than doing nothing!

I have also started going back to the gym once a week, swimming as I feel able and I LOVE the new hot pools at New Brighton He Puna Taimoana.

The fact that it is run as a Charitable trust also appeals to me!

The cost of gym etc, can be daunting! So to have this free option available is very important! As I am heading towards retirement in the next 12 months, and spending money may be more restrictive, it's great to have PT in the Park's free workout available each week!


I am also aware that in my work I can't tell people they should be doing this etc...if I am not doing something myself. I am an RN, (Registered Nurse), working in a private cardiology practice.

I suggest & recommend PT in the Park to all our clients. A little of something is better than nothing!

See you in all in the Park soon!

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