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Quiz Donation - XO Recruitment

PT in the Park would like to extend our thanks to XO Recruitment for donating to our annual quiz fundraiser for 2022.


Exo (Latin) : External, from outside. Example: exoskeleton, a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals.

Just like the exoskeleton protects the body of the beetle, externalizing your recruitment process might just protect your business. XO knows that recruiting is not easy. It takes time, money, and skills. The same way businesses outsource their accounting or legal functions, outsourcing your recruitment is a safe way to go. XO recruitment was born out of the need to bring something different to the industry.

After losing her job due to Covid, Chloe realised that there was an opportunity in the market to provide the same service delivered by big agencies, for the price of a one-woman band. Few litres of elbow grease and rolls of No.8 wire later, XO was born. XO does what the big agencies do, for a fraction of the price, & are set-up just the same, but with very little overhead. In other words, more bangs for your bucks! Cherry on top, you get a consultant with over 10 years of recruitment expertise, so you can be sure of the quality of the service. So what do we do? We specialize in recruiting STEM professionals (Science, Technical, Engineering and Math), on a temporary and permanent basis, across the country. With a passion for IT and Engineering and years of experience in those fields to back it up, and it's simple as that!

Thanks for your generous donation & continued support Chloe. You can contact Chloe for all your STEM recruitment needs

Ph: 021 786 160

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