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Quiz Donation - Pure Sports Nutrition

PT in the Park would like to extend our thanks to Pure Sports Nutrition for donating to our annual quiz fundraiser for 2022.


Started in 2012 by brother & sister Simon and Marewa Kraak, Marewa being a qualified Sports & Nutritionist, former NZ representative rower & elite road cyclist & Simon a keen road cyclist, mountain biker and all-round adventurer.

The siblings decided to start PURE Sports Nutrition after failing to find products that “sat well” while training and racing. They found everything was artificial, full of colours & cheap ingredients, & that no one was making decent sports nutrition products. So they decided to make their own.

The starting point was to put cost of ingredients aside & instead focus on the sports science and nutrient quality. This defined the whole business philosophy of premium sports made out of the highest quality natural ingredients. Simon & Marewa still continue to do all the product development & manufacturing in-house. This means they can get the science right, while testing many different formulations. Each of their products are trialed with athletes in training and racing, before going to market.

They believe if they don’t like the performance or taste of a product then they don’t expect anyone else to like it either. They stand behind all of their products, whether for lifestyle or they use them daily so know exactly how they perform.

PURE Sports Nutrition have kindly provided us with 2 sports drinks, 2 boxes of whey protein concentrate & 4 drink bottles as donations for the quiz. Thanks Simon & Marewa you guys are awesome. If you want sports nutrition, made with top quality natural ingredients and FREE shipping on AU or NZ orders over $69 look no further than PURE Sports Nutrition.

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